Hey, I'm Melissa. MamAHOOD is kicking my butt!


Hey, I’m Melissa. I became a mom in my mid-30s. Prior to that, I thought I had life figured out. When I was pregnant, I prepped for breastfeeding my baby and for labor. 
I didn't think about how my life would change.

As a married 30-something, my life was filled with work and lots of activities. I always kept busy. Sometimes working three different jobs because my passions led me to them and I had the time.

I felt in control.

There were no complications during labor. He latched on right away. It was smooth sailing. 

But after weeks of being home in my "new reality," I felt lonely, sad, and unprepared. I cried at my 6-week visit with my midwife and I had no idea why.

I felt unprepared for all the emotional ups and downs.

I also felt like I lost my community. Its easy for people to say they will love on your child. Its easy to fill a home with love when your baby is brand new but once the "new-ness" wears off...

The silence is interrupted by the cries of your baby, and you feel alone. I did. 

One day, I decided that I couldn't possibly be the only woman who felt like this and I reached out to the online community of new mothers I began connecting with. 

We all felt the same.
They were willing to share.
And my podcast was born. 

You should take a listen: mamahoodpodcast.com!