You're a rebel, I'm a rebel, we're all rebels . . .right?

Last month, I set a date to hang out with my best friend from college.  She lives in Brooklyn and we were hanging on a school night so I decided to stay over. The morning of our date, I received an email from her daring me to participate in a Rebel Run. Her fiance was doing it and so was another friend from college. I looked at it, we exchanged emails but I didn't purchase anything.

That night, we laughed, talked, ate and drank. When we arrived to her apartment, we received emails that her fiance and our other friend already purchased their tickets. So . . . did we want to be rebels too?

I let the alcohol do the talking and I signed up for the Rebel Race in Modena, NY.

Guess what?

IT'S TOMORROW!!!  I am so freaking out about this. Yes, I want to try it and prove to myself that this is a mind over matter thing and etc. BUT I am also wondering if its going to be so ridiculously grueling that I'm going to pass out from the heat. It's also suppose to rain all day tomorrow. Sure, I have already agreed to run in mud but mud and rain and crazy people who think they are rebels gives me a really bad tummy ache.

I'll report about the run tomorrow but in case you are curious: Here is the link.