FunFitChic has become a ShoeDazzler

Alright, so a confession about me: I was part of America's unemployed last year and on a fixed budget. Although I took on lots of "jobs" here and there, I was still unable to splurge or pretty much buy anything cute for myself. That led me to wearing out all the stuff I already had and having a wardrobe that was either ragged OR out of style. Like two years out of style.  My classic pieces were overused and my other stuff had to remain in the closet.

Welcome 2011 and a job!  yay!

After paying all the bills I racked up in 2010, I began working on my wardrobe, starting with one of the things I LOVE most . . .SHOES.  

Enter Shoedazzle . As much as I like shoes, bags and cute stuff ... I HATE the act of shopping. It's not fun, its overwhelming and there are people everywhere. Even in this economy, people shop for clothes and I hate it but I love the idea of going online, picking out shoes, having the shoes appear on my door step and voila, I have new shoes!

So this is how Shoedazzle works and why I think it's awesome: You take a quiz based on your style, within 24 hours you get a showroom, you make your first purchase for $39.95 with 10% off and rinse. wash. repeat.

The one thing you have to remember is that if you don't like anything in your showroom and you don't want to spend the $39.95 that month, that you need to log on and tell Shoedazzle not to credit your account for that month. I don't find it burdensome because, I WANT TO SIGN ON TO SEE WHAT SHOES ARE IN MY SHOWROOM. It totally peeks my curiosity. I also don't really care if they credit my account because I see it as an investment. If I don't want shoes month X,then I can get two pairs of shoes the next month OR I can get a DazzleDeal.

Dazzledeals aren't necessarily shoes. They can be bags, hats, laptop cover, picnic baskets, etc.

So far I have purchased two pairs of shoes. I'm not a heels wearing kind of girl because I have a fear

of hurting my knees and ankles due to cheap shoes or tripping on the street but Shoedazzle has flats as well.  Check out this cute pair I purchased last month on the right.

If you have any questions on Shoedazzle or your curious to try it, talk to me and I can hook you up with the "shoetelligence" I've gathered so far.