Ladies, if you are up for a challenge, this is a MUST DO with your girlfriends

In an earlier post, I mentioned the anxiety and excitement I was feeling over yesterday's 5K Rebel Race. Today, the day after, I feel great. This was the best experience ever and it was great to do it with my best friend. Here's my recap: Our wave started at 12pm and we arrived at the site at 11am. This gave us enough time to sign up, check out the scenery and see some of the other people that were running with us. Our group wasn't as big as I thought it would be and most people didn't appear to be rebels at all. Actually, everyone was really nice and supportive.

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Once our wave was lined up, we waited until 12pm on the dot. The staff really works you up and encourages you to do your best. You start with a quick sprint up a not so big hill. My strategy was to stay behind the pack because I knew that some of the obstacles would be challenging and I really just wanted to hang with my friend. Once you get to the top of the hill, you meet some drill sergeants who egg you on to do 10 pushups, 10 situps, and 10 leg lifts. PIECE OF CAKE.

Then, more running until you reach the fast twitch tires which was also NOT so bad.

Once we got through the fast twitch tires, we decided to stay behind and maintain the talk test (if we are able to continue talking, then we aren't overworking ourselves . . . hey, we did have to go to work the next day). We were moving and talking and laughing until we reached our FIRST muddy climb. This is the time you just get on your hands and knees and start working your way up the mud like there is no tomorrow. I have never been this close to nature, and I gotta say it was awesome. My friend Deanah was not quite ready for the first climb and we trailed behind by a lot but I loved helping her out and cheering her on that I had no care for making it back at a "decent" time.

More obstacles, more running, more mud, some rivers, and a couple slips and falls later, we reached the wall climbs.

I will start off by saying that I WAS NEVER AFRAID OF HEIGHTS . . .EVER. As a kid, I climbed trees, and played on monkey bars everyday. I have jumped off cliffs and done some daring stunts but when I was faced with a 20ft wall to climb, I panicked! Primarily, because the guy helping us out told me that the best way to climb was to reach something I was too short to reach. I skipped two of the walls. I just couldn't do it.

Then . . . after more mud, more rivers, more climbing, and more slipping and falling, I was faced with the same obstacle . . . climb two walls. The staff there was awesome. I told them my realization a couple obstacles back and they cheered me on and talked me through the whole thing. I DID IT!  I climbed two walls and made my way down. Deanah was also a great help. Seeing how she faced her fear of heights and made it over the top of the wall, only made me want to do it as well. She helped me through it like I helped her through the muddy climb. That's what friends are for right?

We had a couple other challenges tested our friendship including some unexpected swimming and a jump over fire.

At the end of the day, I recommend this to anyone who is up for the challenge. This whole experience was more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Today, I feel closer to Deanah, and the only pain I'm feeling is in my quads. NOT TOO BAD!

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