No Polish Nail Polish

Okay! I have been raving about this for quite awhile now on Twitter and Facebook. I love it so much that I bought a months worth at CVS "in case they run out." (Don't judge me, my local CVS runs out of things all the time.) Anyway, here's what I am talking about.

The Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polish Strips come in crazy colors and "regular" nail polish colors for you to stick on and play with! Seriously, it becomes a little addictive but you get a perfect manicure EVERY TIME.

I used Misbehaved on my  toes and Red-y for Trouble (featured above) on my hands. They are a little pricey at $8.00 a pop but it did last me two weeks on both my hands and feet so for me, it's worth it. Especially because you can't ruin the manicure due to lack of drying time.

Overall, here are my thoughts:

  • The fun colors makes it easy to have a pattern on the weekends, and change it up during the week if you have a conservative job.
  • I mess up every nail polish and I couldn't screw this up!
  • The ones on my toes came off a lot easier than the ones on my fingernails. They are suppose to peel off but I had to use nail polish remover and some extra work to get them off my hands.
  • People will notice, the colors are bold, the patterns rock and the clean nail polish look on your nails will have people looking.

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