Thank you, Dad. Happy Father's Day.

They say behind every good woman, is a good man. I can honestly say that for me, that good man is my father. My dad is quiet, keeps to himself and says very little. Typically, when he speaks, you should listen because there is a great story to hear - either funny, interesting or educational. One of my favorite memories is going to Puerto Rico with my parents at 16 years old. Instead of getting a sweet 16 extravaganza, I opted for a vacation to my family's "homeland." I had been there many times before but this time, my dad planned on renting a car and taking me throughout the island. Every stop we made, he told me a story about either of a time he was there as a child or a historical fact.

When we arrived at the plaza in Caguas, PR, we sat around and talked about high school. He was telling me about the jobs he held and the school he went to. I asked him, why did he leave Puerto Rico if he loves it so much. He gave me, the typically story about wanting a better life for his boys (my brothers) and his wife (my mom) but then he said one thing that really sticks with me. He said, "I don't ever regret moving to New York, moving there and having you and your sister, and watching the four of you flourish is one of my proudest moments, who knows if I would have been able to give you those opportunities here? Who knows if we would have even had the two of you? I would never take that back."

My dad is the kind of guy that sat through every dance recital, went to every parent-teacher's conference (even if he didn't understand what my teachers were saying), and yelled out "wepa!" followed by a loud whistle at all my graduations - even Grad School!  He's an awesome guy. Today, I wish him and every Father like him . . . A HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!