Seriously, I'm not typically this quiet.

As many of you may know I was away last weekend on a quick getaway with my girlfriends. The healthy eating and exercising was thrown out the window last weekend and it has been rough to jump back on my regimen. My work week has been hell and I haven't had much sleep. It's been a whirlwind of running around trying to play catch up and it was only one weekend that I was away. Very difficult to detox from a "bad" weekend on little sleep but I will add that my boyfriend and I went to the supermarket and made some very healthy purchases. One . . . step . . . at . . . a . . . .time. Anyway, I did manage to write something but not for this blog. Instead, I spent one evening (actually, it was midnight) writing my introduction piece for Danfredo Rivera's blog. See, ladies and gents . . . I was chosen as Blog O' the Month on


I am so excited for this opportunity. As you all may know (check out the right side bar), I LOVE the Danfredo Rivera blog and now I am featured on it.

If you haven't checked out the blog yet, here's a little information about the blog and the creative talent behind it:

Danfredo Rivera, Wedding Blog

"After meeting in Atlanta, Georgia at a dance conference on April 25, 2009, we (Danielle and Wil) became best friends, fell in love and decided to get married November 11, 2011. We began this blog a couple months after we got engaged as a way to share our wedding details with those near and dear to us. As you can see, it's become a little more than that."

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