Day 2 at Zumba Convention

zumba convention A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I have to say, the Zumba Home Office knows how to put on a good production.

This morning, all ZIN were invited to a 9am Fitness Concert. I know what you're thinking, a concert at 9am?

No. It's more like a huge PARTY at 9am.

The Peabody Hotel in Orlando has recently built a brand new convention center that houses a HUGE space where 6,000 Zumba instructors danced and shared with each other. It was a sight to see.

zumba convention

At first, it was too tight to dance because people were awaiting the start of the show but once the show started, everyone found room to move.

I danced for over an hour and burned 1,200 calories.

Last year's concert was amazing, but this year, they did it up.

Pitbull showed up at 9am and did his hit song Pause. He is also scheduled to perform tonight at 9:45pm. I'll let you know more about that tomorrow!

Time to get ready . . . let's keep the party going.

Oh, and I forgot to mention . . . Wyclef made an appearance at the end as well.

wyclef jean, zumba convention