Zombie Obstacle Course

For those of you who were intrigued by 5k obstacle courses after my review of the Rebel Race, here is one you might find even more interesting: The 5k Obstacle Course Zombie Race

The website sells it as "one part 5k, one part obstacle course, and one part escaping the clutches of zombies." Too bad I am afraid of everything horror related.  The course consists of 12 obstacles and a bunch of zombies trying to grab you and eat your brain. Of course, at the end there will be live music, food and beer.

Right now the only location they have is in Baltimore, MD on October 22, 2011 but there will be more coming in 2012. I will look out for reviews from participants to let you know if its worth attending.

Perhaps anyone who likes to travel and do "scary" things on Halloween can let me know how it goes. I, on the other, will be dancing salsa on Halloween.