Day 3 - Zumba Convention

My Day 2 was actually Day 3 at the Convention. I decided to buy the 3-day convention pass instead of the 4. Friday's schedule consisted of:

  1. Live filming of Zin 35
  2. Capoiera
  3. Zumba Toning Master Class
  4. Glow Party with Wyclef
ZIN 35
The Live filming of Zin 35 was very impressive. The Zumba Home Office have a great production team and everything ran smoothly. We were five rows from the stage. Production is quite strenuous and I can't imagine what its like for the people on stage. We spent three hours learning choreography and videotaping.
Our surprise was a 15-minute performance and freestyle by Wyclef and Beto.

zumba convention, wyclef

What a treat!

The madness ends up producing the live version of the DVD that Zumba instructors receive to learn new choreography. Hopefully, I will end up in the video!
What fun! Capoiera was run by two instructors; Pica Pau from Florida and Joao Lampiere from New York City. We learned traditional Capoiera moves and choreography to mix in Zumba and Capoiera. I am definitely going to take Capoiera classes when I get home. Classes are at 130 west 56th ST btwn 6/7 AVE. Check out Joao at

Zumba Toning Master Class
To my surprise the Zumba Toning Master Class was also filmed. Unfortunately, I had no idea and I was super tired so I stood in the back for most of the class and watched. The Zumba Toning crew has made the program ten times better than when I first got certified and it was good from the start. Expect more fitness and more legs.
Glow Party with Wyclef
Prior to convention, we received an email with the theme for the party. We were instructed to wear white and encouraged to get creative. Some costumes were awesome!

Michael Thomas, ZES, Zumba

z8 fitness
The crew at the glow party