Wholesome Goodness Market

I forgot to bring food to work yesterday. I work in Downtown Yonkers and the amount of lunch restaurants with decent prices and healthy options is slim to none. You're either going to spend a lot of money or eat pizza. I decided to walk over to this place called the Wholesome Goodness Market.

wholesome restaurant

This wasn't my first time there. I had been there before when the store first opened but the place was empty and the person working the counter didn't even acknowledge me. This time, though, I walked in with that hungry look and I was greeted by a very friendly woman who took the time to ask me what I wanted and even made some suggestions.

She explained to me that food was sold by the pound there. I don't necessarily like it when someone else serves your food and weighs it because you either feel like you are bugging them when you ask for more or less, or you feel like they are adding on the pounds to make more money. Regardless, I let her pile on the jerk chicken, rice, and greens.

It was delicious. The meal costs me a little over $10.00 which is typical for Yonkers but I felt like I got more food for my money and it was flavorful. A pizza and drink at the pizza shop down the street is about $8.00 and a sandwich from across the street will run me $12.00 and I'm still hungry.

The jerk chicken was spicy but in a good way. (Definitely keep water near you when eating this dish.) The rice was great but I wish it was brown rice. Overall, my lunch was filling and it didn't make me feel FULL in a gross way.

The market also sells Smoothies and Fruit Juices under $10.00, organic foods, and health products. It's a cute little place with a very clean and peaceful atmosphere. I will definitely return for a smoothie!

Excited to have found a healthy lunch option near my job.