Have you heard of Rapportive?

My friend James Lopez recently put me on to Rapportive and I feel inclined to share it with you all. Perhaps it's just because he used me as the "model" for his blog, but I also think that its valuable piece of information for my readers. When we are surfing the web or using social media to learn more about activities that are fun, fit, and chic, sometimes we post something or say something on our Facebook, Twitter, etc. that becomes part of the world wide web of information. We're all interconnected now and what you say or do on the web, is seen by everyone, even if you think it's not.

So, regardless whether or not you want to know that much information about someone, please note that there may be someone who wants to know that much information about you. Check out Rapportive, download the plugin and control your profile.

This way, if you are emailing someone for work purposes, and they have the Rapportive plug-in on (or for personal reasons), you can make sure they have the information you want them to have.

Check out James's blog to learn more about what I mean.