Listen to your body

As a group fitness instructor and a personal trainer, I am always telling people to "listen to your body." Typically, this is said in the context of avoiding injury during exercise but there is another reason why you should "listen to your body" and that's to avoid over-exhaustion and burning yourself out.

burn out, tired, exhausted

I AM A BUSY BEE . . . GUILTY!avoid being too busy

Part of being one is being extra accommodating to others, taking on 10,000 + 1 tasks, constantly trying to be on time, always worrying about getting thing accomplished, saying yes when others ask you to do something even though you have no time, showing up to every social event you are invited to, etc. etc. etc.

Somehow I manage to pack my days with so many things to do and the same outcome happens . . .


In the past three week, I've reconnected with friends, made new ones, went to Miami, Orlando, worked a full holiday weekend, and found time for everyone else but myself.

I don't know how I do it but one this is for sure, my body can't take it.

Hindsight certainly is 20/20 and in retrospect, I've decided to put together a list of things I should have done to help us busy bees avoid burnout in the future:avoid burn out

  1. Avoid overbooking yourself: Easier said than done but we are creatures of habit and many times when you overbook - you compromise on the things you like to do that make you happy and healthy. I love my morning workouts but in the past three weeks, that has gone out the window. I also love sitting on my sofa and doing nothing for 30 minutes after I get out work. I should never feel like I don't have time for those things.
  2. Avoid isolation. You can't do everything yourself, ask for help and delegate.
  3. Stop over nurturing your friends and family. People like us want to help and be there for others but at some point its a detriment to our health.
  4. When you haven't found time to brush your hair, take care of your finger and toe nails. . . .take a step back and re-access your life. Perhaps you should cancel on what your to-do list has in store for you and take some time out to work on yourself. You should always look and feel fabulous.
  5. Listen to your internal alarms. We all have them. Are you randomly falling asleep? Eyes looking really tired? Pain in your lower back? Achy muscles without a workout?
  6. Say NO! It's so hard to do but we have to set our boundaries and stick to them.
  7. Don't bottle it up inside. Your will explode. Tell someone, tell everyone . . . especially the person that is bugging you or the source of your stress.
  8. After crazy vacations, take a day off to get home and recoup. Don't go straight to work or you will never have a moment to catch up and feel centered.
I'm going to work on being better to myself and I hope these tips can help you "bees" as well.
Buzz, Buzz . . .