About two months ago, my boyfriend and I purchased Groupon's for four classes. We figured it could be something for us to do together and it was super inexpensive. Can't remember the cost right now but it was a cheap Groupon offer. I told myself that I wouldn't consider taking the classes until after I was done with p90x because I just didn't have the time to take up anymore hobbies.

I am done with p90x. (YAY)

I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to come along. These ilovekickboxing classes are held in various martial arts studios in Westchester. It's pretty much a class offered at a studio. I originally called the Eastchester location because its 1 mile from where we live. When I spoke to the instructor on the phone, he warned me that the classes are 99% women and that my boyfriend might be uncomfortable there.

I called my boyfriend and gave him the news. He wasn't into the idea of taking a "women's kickboxing class." We figured it must be like Tae Bo and therefore not what he was looking for.

grand master kim tae kwon do school i love kickboxin

So, I called the White Plains location. The lady on the phone said, "oh no! men come here." So we decided to go to Grandmaster B.M. Kim's Tae Kwon Do studio in White Plains. It's located in the Westchester Pavillion where Daffy's once was.

When we arrived, we bumped into a salsa friend of ours. I was excited to have a fellow salsera in the class. She also started salsa classes with my boyfriend way back when. That was comforting to us.

We were forewarned that the instructor is ALWAYS late. The class starts at 7:15 on the schedule, but he didn't arrive until 7:30. So, we had the pleasure of meeting and warming up with the Grandmaster himself.

What a sweet man!  He talked to us about vocalizing our feelings, telling ourselves how

Grand Master Kim from BM Kims Tae Kwon do

awesome we are and loving ourselves!  After the couple of weeks I've had at work, it was nice for someone to tell me "YOU ARE AWESOME."

When our instructor arrived, he got straight to business with some Tabata Training methods. In Tabata training, you do four minutes of one exercise (ex.squats). The idea is that you do 20 seconds of the exercise with 10 seconds of rest for the full four minutes. It's suppose to increase your heart rate really quickly and strengthen your muscles. We did squats for four minutes, pushups for four minutes, and sit ups for four minutes.

The entire hour was filled with bootcamp style/plyometric exercises. All the routines and exercises were very intense and at one point, I thought I was going to throw up. We did SOME kicking and boxing moves but needless to say, we never put our gloves on.

It was an awesome class. I burned 680 calories and felt my body shaking from all the hard work. I will definitely return and recommend the class to anyone interested.

The instructor did say that EVENTUALLY we will put our gloves on but who knows when that will be. As for now, I am looking forward to returning on Friday and getting my butt kicked for another hour.