I'm bringing back the fanny pack

So, I'm starting this running thing, right? And I have stuff I need to carry, right? and I can't carry it in my hands or on my back or whatever, right?  I have to put my keys, ID, Phone (music player) and water somewhere and holding it all in my hands or in my pockets isn't working. Today, while running around 80s fanny packmy neighborhood, I saw other morning runners with fancy "fanny" packs. Now, I haven't had a fanny pack since I was a kid. I used them to put away my Skelsies tops. For those who didn't grow up in the Bronx, those are the milk gallon tops with melted candle wax in them that you used as game pieces for your skully board (drawn on concrete with white chalk).

Fanny packs are SO NOT COOL. I know. But where am I suppose to keep all my stuff?

I started a search online and found that the running world has answered my anti-fanny pack prayers with cool bags that go around your waist (like a fanny pack) but don't necessarily look like fanny packs.

Here's a list of a few (with pictures and links):

Sports Unlimited Inc. has a "Fit Hydration Waist Pack" by CamelBak thats cheap, holds a water bottle and looks pretty cool. They sell it in various colors including pink. $22.50

camel back waist pack

Nike sells an "Audio Waist Pack" with pouch that screams "this ain't your daddy's fanny pack." Sold on various sites for $24.99.

nike waist pack

FuelBelt.com sells a variety of versatile fanny packs for everyone. A little on the bulky side.  Price point on this one below is $41.95.

fanny back from fuel belt

Spibelt.com sells these cute thin ones for runners and bikers. This waterproof belt is $23.95.


North Face sells a number of "waist packs" and have done so for years. I love the color of this one and at $25.00 it's a good price, although it sort of resembles the 80s fanny pack from up top.

On that note, I am going to keep shopping. If you have suggestions on what I should do with my stuff while I run, please let me know.