You are what you eat

Yesterday, on my lazy Sunday (after my heat exhaustion Saturday), I sat around all day and watched documentaries on Netflix. I am obsessed with watching documentaries and I love boring my boyfriend with all the new "knowledge" I've learned after spending hours in front of the television. One of the docs that I caught on Netflix was Food Matters. 

The documentary examines America's food supply and relates it to how sick Americans are becoming. It touches upon our healthcare business system and our country's agricultural supply. The discussion revolves around the lack of "health" in the American diet, health care costs, chemical additives in our foods and American's need for "a pill for every ill."

What I liked:

  • The discussion on pharmaceuticals being overused was very informative. Many Americans are told and believe that vitamins aren't necessarily good for us. Too much of a certain vitamin can harm rather than cure. But those same people will pop and request pills to cure everything. The thought behind the documentary is that perhaps if we became pro-vitamins, that our "ills" would be lessened.
  • The documentary was very pro-lifestyle and pro-responsibility. My favorite quote of the documentary was "The single most reason people aren't doing this is because it requires taking responsibility."
  • Gerson Therapy on Cancer was very informative and something I would love to read more about.
What I disliked:
  • I am generally, with a few slip-ups, a healthy eater. The documentary used the scare tactic to "get action" of viewers and I thought it was overdone.
  • Over skepticism regarding the health care system.
  • The commentators in the documentary repeatedly told you what "not to do" but didn't add much information on what we should be doing as an alternative.
  • After watching the documentary, I felt like I was buying all the wrong foods from the wrong places and consuming all the wrong things. Quite disheartening.
Overall, I do think its a good documentary to watch if you are suffering of any illnesses or want to live a healthier lifestyle. There was information on how to prevent cardiovascular diseases and considerations on disease management. I just wish it delved a little bit more into the HOW for us healthy folk who want to prevent falling into the traps of a long-term (preventable) disease.