Fun. Fit. Chic. Health Challenge

After reading my blog on the "Food Matters" documentary and watching the film, a reader and great friend suggested that I organize a health challenge for everyone who reads this blog and your family and friends. Let's get healthy together! There were three important takeaways from the documentary that I know I need to work on - drinking more water, adding more veggies to my meals, and exercising daily (although I work out hard - I'm guilty of the couch potato syndrome too). So, I challenge YOU to join ME in meeting these three goals for the next two weeks.

For two weeks (ONLY 14 days), let's challenge ourselves to:

  1. Drink a glass of water FIRST thing in the morning. This means before your cup of coffee and breakfast.
  2. Consume one meal a day that consists of 80% roughage. (For more information on roughage, click here.)
  3. Exercise for at least 30 minutes, daily.
I will add a section on the top menu that will allow you to comment and let me and others know about your successes and slip-ups on meeting the challenge.
I will blog daily about my own experience as well.
Anyone reading this as pumped as I am? Let's see whether we can make this lifestyle change together.
Ready . . .Set . . .Commit . . . and GO!