Health Challenge: Weekend Round-Up

If anyone started the challenge on 7/29 with me, today is day 4.

So, how was your weekend? Were you able to maintain any of the three "challenges"?

As for me, Friday and Saturday were my best days. I added 80% roughage to BOTH Lunch and Dinner, drank my water in the morning and worked out MORE than 30 minutes.

Sunday, on the other hand, was not as successful. I did not work out. I attended a baby shower and ate 15% or less roughage. I did, in fact, add 80% of something BUT it was SUGAR.

This morning, I did drink my water before breakfast and WILL follow through with the other challenges. It's never too late, right?

P.S. I can say that after all those sweets, I'm feeling very sluggish.  :SIGH: