Casting Call - Looking for Fit Chicas

Hello Ladies: I have a blog feature all about fit ladies. The thought process behind this is to feature a fit chica WEEKLY - every Friday - and help inspire and motivate other women to move, eat healthier, and in turn, live happier lives. I've had some awesome women volunteer in the past BUT I am looking for more.

The month of August isn't looking too good and I am asking for your help. Volunteer or Forward To A Friend. The questions are easy and the feature inspires and honors YOU for taking care of YOURSELF.

If you are worried about what people "see" when they Google you. Take control and make sure they see a positive and amazing story of YOU instead of some nasty ex-bf's post about you (jk . . . sort of).

Hit me up if you are interested and I will send you over some questions. All I need are the answers and some photos of you doing fun, fit, and chic things. How easy is that?

funfitchicblog {at}

Below you can find the other women I've featured: