10 Day You Challenge, Day 2

Eight fears:

  1. Hitting someone or something with my car. (Knock on wood) I've never been in a car accident. I am terrified of it.
  2. I've developed a fear of heights recently that I never had before in my life.
  3. Living in NY forever. I love NYC but I don't want to live my life here forever. It's too cold for me here.
  4. Crowded rooms. Immediate panic sets in when a room gets too full and I can't see the exit.
  5. Being robbed. I survived growing up in the south bronx and was only robbed once. Someone broke into my car once BUT I wasn't there.
  6. Bugs and rodents.
  7. My parents aging and become less able to do things on their own.
  8. Parenting.