Health Challenge - healthy digestion is sexy

So, I'm learning that the benefits of this health challenge are pretty great. I intended it as a way to start building "healthier habits," but I am experiencing some benefits that I'd like to keep around long-term. Especially when it comes to water in the morning. According to Everyday Health, water helps you dissolve fats and soluble fiber better. Digestion isn't the sexiest topic but neither is constipation. lol

Benefits of our simple little health challenge:

  1. Water helps "usher" the digestive process.
  2. Roughage (or insoluble dietary fiber) scrapes undigested food through and prevents buildup on the walls of you intestine*
  3. Soluble fiber (fiber that is absorbed in water) helps lower blood cholesterol and, in turn, reduces heart disease.
  4. Exercise helps keep the food we eat move through our digestive system.

All together, these three little principles can have a major impact. Breaking down food and converting it into the various nutritional components our body needs, is what keeps us alive.

Hope you find some of this helpful, next up - I'll put together a list of what's considered insoluble and soluble fiber.