Before Zumba, There Was Spin

ATLANTIC OCEAN (JULY 25, 2009) Lt. Anne Evans,...

That's right. For two years straight I was addicted to the 6am spin class at New York Sports Club in White Plains.


Prior to walking into my first spin class, I thought spin was for really boring sedentary people or that it was some 80s style workout that was NOT COOL. It's the complete opposite. It's for anyone who wants to work out hard, get all their muscles in the mix and have a good time.

I don't know how other spin classes are because I religiously attended one class with one instructor. I would wake up at 5am to get to the gym when it opened because his classes were that popular. You had to wait in a line to put your towel and water bottle on your bike or else someone would take it. We became a little family of spinners. Everyone who attended class religiously would look out for one another and make sure you had a bike.

His classes were similar to Zumba in the sense that you worked out to the music. If we were listening to a Metallica song - then we were expected to go fast and hard. If we were listening to a slower song - then we were expected to kick up the resistance and move slower. He also encouraged us by throwing a "yellow towel" at the fastest spinner (ie. tour de france style).

Lately, I've been thinking about these spin classes and wanting to jump back into that groove. I can't recall my instructor's name but I'm considering joining a gym just to get back into spin and other group exercise workouts.

What gym do you go to? How is the membership structure? (monthly costs, availability of gyms) How are the Group X classes?  I haven't been part of a gym for two years now. Any discounts I can take advantage of?