10 Day You Challenge, Day 7

Seven Wants: 1. Long flowy tresses. This list is in no particular order but for whatever reason, this thought popped up first. lol. I'd love to have "Kim Kardashian Hair."

2. Continuous health into old age. I know as you get older, it gets more difficult but I'd like to be on the least amounts of meds as possible when I grow older.  Ernestine Shepherd inspires me.

3. To run the NYC Marathon someday.

4. To have a home birth. I know it sounds crazy to some but I'd love to have a midwife and a healthy, private, home birth.

5. To own my very own fitness facility for women. 

6. I want a garden or a "mini-farm" where I could grow fruits and vegetables.

7. To own more property and create residual income for myself.