A fit chica tells her story v. 5

Last week, I posted about my desire to learn and meet "fit chicas" out of my circle of influence. Within hours of posting, I received many responses from awesome women that were interested in sharing their stories. One woman, was Stacy, a fellow blogger and a complete stranger to me (although we share a mutual friend). I like her story because its one of commitment, struggle, perseverance and a great outcome. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. FFC: First off, tell us about yourself. Stacy: HI! I'm Stacy, 44 yrs old, live and work in White Plains, NY and been battling some 'extra' weight all my life. Started Jenny Craig 3/2008, lost some weight but had to get off it because I lost my job at the time, Gained some wieght back and joned again 3/2010...lost more but for a while just maintaing and got sick of that. I wanted 'more'. In May 2011, I hired a trainer and lost more weight, inches and gained more confidence and gained more definition in my body. LOVE IT! and I admit i'm addicted ;)

Some tidbits: fav color : purple and green I have a beautiful cat named Smokey and she has the most gorgeous sparling green eyes. She is 8 yrs old. I have a butterfly tattoo on my right ankle..over a yr old..its kind of unique looking too :)

FFC: What gave you the motivation to take working out and fitness seriously? Was there a catalyst? Stacy: When i was younger, i rec'd all kinds of insults and criticism about my weight..no support. So in my late 20's, i quit smoking and got my body in gear, joined a gym and took tons of step classes and learned about weight training. Over the years, I took time off from it and I was basically in and out of gyms. The past year I am more serious about it and for the past 2 1/2 months I have a personal trainer. I am seeing results which = more motivation! My clothes are falling off me and people that I havent' seen in awhile, barely recognize me. Its a wonderful feeling.

FFC: Have you changed your eating habits? If so, what's different? Stacy: I still have struggles w/ junk food but for the most part, my relationship with food has changed a lot and for the best. I dont keep junk at home but do get tempted if i go out to eat or i'm at the supermarket. Luckily, I dont like liquor, I love fruits /veggies, salads etc. Eating right is the best way, especially after training hard at the gym, I want to see a learner body, I want to see muscle tone..and i am! Bottom line, its all in your head! If I am at the store and see my fav candy, i think , think, think! I have greek non-fat yogurt waiting for me, or some fruit, or whatever it may be..to make me STOP thinking about that piece of candy or cookie.

FFC: How do you feel fitness has changed your life?

Stacy: More confidence. I feel GREAT. I can look in the mirror more often and not see a chubby, full face. I love muscles and defintiion. I"m totally addicted. It has made me more healthier and I appreciate what foods I eat and what I'm doing to my body to be the healthiest I can be. I don't take my body for granted anymore.

FFC: Any tips for someone who may feel overwhelmed by the idea of changing one's lifestyle? Stacy: This is a tough one. You can't tell someone how to act, how to feel, how to be..BUT if they really want to make changes, they will have to dig deep and make a commitment to it and know WHY they are doing it. Is it a quick fix before a wedding, a party, etc? For me its a lifestyle change, my weight comes off slow but I always say: slow and steady wins the race. It will most likely stay off for the rest of my life. Also, along with a new lifestyle, take a bit of sacrifice .At the beginning, I wasn't going out as much. Yes i still met friends for a movie or cup of coffee but no happy hours, no junk food out, etc etc...no junk at home, no temptations...you have to really make a COMMITMENT and be consistent..if not, well, it would be a waste of time. IN addition do it YOURSELF!.  A lot of ppl want partners for the gym or healthy eating. Yes, I know for some, it would help but for me I hate waiting around for anybody ..if you really want to do it...then do it TODAY ..don't wait for others. If you want to work out, don't wait for others. DO IT! That shows a true, committed person. You have to be independent and not rely on others.

FFC: Currently, what's your favorite workout? Why? Stacy: I love my spinning classes. I sweat A LOT, I get in a zone, and it's easy on the joints. At my age, I just can't run or jump around too much. My knees are getting up there in age. LOL....i also love WEIGHT TRAINING! Mostly legs, some upper body...(i do it all but my fav is legs, biceps and shoulders) i used to hate abs but now I like it more! I'm stronger now in my legs and I love doing squats and lunges...I don't like triceps or back as much but I do them w/ my trainer..but basically I love everything more now because i am seeing wonderful changes! and results :)

FFC: How do you incorporate fitness in your everyday life? Stacy: It's part of my life..like brushing my teeth! I have my spin schedule (3x week ) and I train with my trainer on Sat for 1 hr. I go to the track once a week and do abs at home. I don't come up with excuses. My idea of a clean day is eating great and working out. Thats a perfect day for me. :)

FFC: Anything else you'd like to share with our readers? Stacy: I am someone that always wants to better myself-my new committment to health is just one of those things. I like to challenge myself and feel good that I can accomplish my goals. It's a good feeling to know you can always re-invent yourself ...be happy, you only live once :)

I have chicas scheduled all the way into September now but if you or anyone you know deserves to be featured on this blog, email me at funfitchicblog {at} gmail.com