Obesity: A National Emergency?

According to this report, by the year 2030 half of U.S. Adults will be obese. If American adults and children continue down the same track - our country will have extremely high incidences of obesity which inevitably results in diabetes, asthma, heart attacks, etc. Modern medicine will continue battling the many diseases that one obese adult is at risk to while insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, etc. etc., make money and profit.

If you haven't guessed it . . . this really pisses me off.

The report also recommends government policy to regulate health food costs, food production, and marketing of foods. Yes, all these things need to change but do WE really need the government to make these changes. Why can't the American people decide that they won't eat the junk that's on the shelves? Why can't WE decide that we will no longer feed ourselves or our children fast foods? Why can't WE decide that we will have home cooked meals as a family? Meals that are chosen with thought and consideration for the health of our loved ones.

The obesity issue is very dear to my heart and I feel for people who are obese due to a sickness - mental or physical, or medical side affects. I WANT TO HELP. I know many people who didn't grow up with the knowledge of what is healthy and what isn't. I am one of those people. Instead of government control of everything, why don't we allocate more money to the organizations that are trying to educate people and help them get out of the cycle they are in?

Some healthy foods ARE expensive but buying fruits and vegetables that are in season curbs the cost a lot. They also keep you full LONGER. Eating a well rounded meal will hold you down much longer than buying a $5 lunch at McDonalds. TRUST ME ON THAT. There are so many ways a person can take control of their health ON THEIR OWN without intervention of government. Without "the powers that be" controlling things and in turn fueling big business. It's YOUR health that is at stake. YOUR LIFE.  The life of YOUR children, do you really want it in the hands of government officials?

Weigh in please.