Trader Joe's Rocks

Trader Joe's West Hartford 2

As a kid, I loved waking up on Sunday mornings, going to church and then going grocery shopping with my father. He is an artist at this stuff. He knew when we were running low on our groceries, whether we were able to splurge on some things, what produce and meat was good and ready to eat, what was in season and etc. I learned so much walking through the supermarket with him. Our supermarket was small and had a neighborhood feel to it. I found comfort in that

Now, picture this: Me, living on my own and walking into a MEGA 24/hour Stop and Shop all by myself. {insert horror music} SHRIEK.

I can't handle large supermarkets. They are ridiculous and NEVER have what I need but ALWAYS have what I don't. They frighten me and for years I resorted to Peapod and FreshDirect for my groceries. I highly recommend both delivery services - btw. Lately, I've become much more interested in picking out my own foods and planning my meals. When I was unemployed, I had a lot of time to go food shopping and one lucky day, I FOUND TRADER JOE's.

It's small. It has a neighborhood feel and has EXACTLY what I need. I like to think that it has everything thats in the perimeter of a supermarket without all the junk in between (all the aisles full of soda, cookies, spam, etc).

I found an article, written in 2010 by Fortune about the success of Trader Joe's and felt compelled to share. Check it out here.