Motivated, Happy, and Ready to rock.

Although not nearly as exciting as Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend is here and I am excited to have Monday off. Woo hoo! This weekend, I'll be attending a good friend's wedding, hanging with some long lost girlfriends at the Beer Garden and relaxing. Perhaps, a night at the New York Salsa Congress, hmmm. . . .that's a thought.

Anyway, I'd like to add that I'm on Week 6 of my Couch to 5k training. The biggest difference I noticed today was the lack of hesitation to start my run. When I first started the program, I would find myself thinking too much. After the 5 minute warm-up I'd say things like "well this is a slight hill, I'll walk a little more until I get to the top" or "maybe I should stretch a little more" or even, "this song is almost over, I might as well start once the other song begins." Silly, I know BUT true. Today was different. I woke up, drank my water, warmed up and got right to it. No excuses. No hesitations. Just me and my feet.

On Tuesday, I ran on the track because there were too many branches and wet leaves all over the sidewalks due to Irene but today I went back to running on pavement and it was awesome. There's benefit to both. Aside from the obvious (support of a track vs. pavement), I noticed that when I run on the track, I am motivated by the High School Soccer and Lacrosse teams that are practicing. The girl's track team is out there running sprints and its nice to be around active adults and children. On the streets though, my motivation is different. I'd like to think that I am motivating someone else to take up running, walking or any other form of exercise. I see a lot of people that are struggling to walk to the train station - many of these people are young and out of breath. I do hope that my will to get out there and go for a run in the morning will motivate someone else to get moving.

On that note, I've decided to apply to the New York Road Runners, Team for Kids. One of my readers commented on a post and recommended that I look into it. I think its perfect for me. A group of adults working to help children in the city build a healthier life. Due to my 9-5, I can't participate in the after school activities but I can be "a buddy" to a child who is running a race. It sounds awesome. I'll also start working on fundraising activities for the group as well. But thats in the near future. I need to get accepted first.

Feeling motivated, happy, and ready to take over the world!