I've moved my blog

For those who visit me by typing the domain funfitchic.net, you have nothing to worry about. I've moved from wordpress.com to wordpress.org and am now self-hosted. You'll see a slight difference, but nothing too crazy. This is all very new and scary to me but I'm relying on Google searches and Wordpress guides to help me through. Anyone who has subscribed to this blog via the email subscription or is following me on a feed, please take note:

In order to receive email subscriptions of my blog - you will now have to go sign up my visiting funfitchic.net and entering your email address on the right side bar under "Subscribe"

If you are looking for my feed - it's here: feed://feeds.feedburner.com/FunFitChic

All the posts were moved over and the site pretty much looks the same. Within the week, I will close my Wordpress.com account. In the long run, this move will be better for ALL OF US.  Being self-hosted allows me more opportunity to access my site stats better, analyze the site, work on page rankings, seo stuff, etc. etc.