My experience at Hair Extensions NYC

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day. I'm relaxing and contemplating whether or not I want to step outside myself. It's been a fun weekend of weddings, friends, laughter and drinks. Needless to say, the workouts didn't make their way into my plans on Sunday and Monday. I did however get a lot of working out done on Saturday. I'll tell you about my running experience on another post. Today's post is about hair. 

So I have wavy, brown, and thin hair. I've always had a crazy relationship with my hair. When I was younger it was unmanageable and as I've gotten older, its become very thin and sensitive. Too much heat is a problem, too little is a problem, products barely work, etc. etc.

For the past year in a half, I've pretty much kept my hair short.

Prior to that, I'd go back and forth between short and long depending on how my mood was swinging that month.

Short hair is great and I love it but from time to time I wish I had long hair. It's a love-hate relationship that I never thought I would win until now.  I GOT HAIR EXTENSIONS!

I have a couple of friends, I won't name any names, that swear by Hair Extensions. They have similar hair issues and they've found that hair extensions gives them the confidence that thin, brittle hair doesn't. For the past couple of years, I've been thinking about it but I FINALLY took the plunge and went for it after reading this post.  She has no clue she inspired me, but after reading about her struggles and what she was going to do to make herself feel better, I thought, "what the hell am I waiting for?" Nothing.

So I called up Jessica at Hair Extensions NYC. She is the woman who has taken care of all of my other friends and I wasn't going to entrust in anyone else. I am so happy I went to visit her because she is so professional and sweet. She actually cares about how you feel and wants to help. The extensions she sells are the clip on type so you can take them on and off everyday or wear them whenever you feel like it. They are 100% human hair and will last a year if you wear them everyday and a lot longer if you are less frequent with your use.  I can go about how wonderful the experience was but I am going to try to be more practical here and explain how it all works:

Day 1: The Consultation

Step 1: Jessica talks to you about what you want, takes a hard look at the texture of your hair and makes some recommendations.

Step 2: She clips on the hair pieces and talks to you about length, color and texture. You can pretty much go anywhere from 10 inches to 22 inches of hair. I fell in love with the 15 inches but after going over price points, I settled on less hair.

Step 3: Pricing. Jessica is serious about her business and she is straight forward about the costs and her expenses. For this reason, she wants to work with you. She knows how important this is for many women and she wants you to be happy with your purchase.

Step 4: You set up the appointment to meet your hair.

My appointment was set for exactly a week later and I was so excited to meet Jessica again and see what she put together for me. It was so nice to see that when I got there, she was just as excited to go through the process with me. And there was a surprise for me . . . she made the hair a little longer because she knew just how much I really wanted it. That was an awesome surprise.

I couldn't believe how she matched my hair color! It was perfect and the texture was just like mine. During that visit, we went over hair styles I typically like to do and how to do them with more hair, how to clip the pieces in, care for your new hair, storage, etc.

Overall, my experience was great and I am really happy with Hair Extensions NYC. I would recommend anyone to go visit her and get a consultation. It was so worth it.

I don't think I'll wear "my hair" everyday because sometimes I really do like short hair BUT now I have options and I am so happy about that.