MyPyramid no more.

For those who haven't taken note - The USDA food pyramid we were once taught in elementary school is no longer used. In June, the USDA food pyramid was replaced with MyPlate.

The pyramid's of the past looked like this:

The differences between the new model and the old model are:

  • The use of the plate to symbolize the balance that should exist in EVERY meal.
  • Less emphasis on meats and dairy.
  • Vegetables taking over most of the plate vs. being secondary.
  • No reference to specific foods - no images.
  • Fruits and Vegetables take over half the plate.
  • Dairy isn't located on the plate but as an aside.
  • The presence of the word "grains" versus the use of bread and cereal the building block of our American diet is HUGE.
Although, these are recommendations, you should note (especially parents) that your schools will teach this model and most school cafeteria's should follow USDA standards.
What are your thoughts on the new MyPlate USDA standards?
Personally, I like its simplicity but I don't like the departure of exercise from the pyramid. I liked the pyramid that shows the person going up the stairs. A healthy balance is necessary and the reminder was nice to have.