Diet Food Ripoffs

Today, Yahoo Health! published a list of 8 diet food ripoffs. The reason they're ripoffs doesn't necessarily have anything to do with price. The ripoff that's taken place is in the amount of calories, carbs, and fat these "diet foods." Remember when "diet" used to scare people away? When you had no idea what was in the so called "diet" frozen food that you would freak by just looking at it? Now, due to the marketing machines of these processed food manufacturers, "diet" foods aren't so scary and they're sold with a label on them that could be totally false. The lack of regulation on what is considered diet is to blame, as well as, the lack of research by consumers to know what's REALLY good for them.

I have fallen victim to it myself many times. You go to a restaurant and coach yourself to stay far away from that burger, so you opt for a salad instead. Of course, the salad that sounds most interesting has cheese but you think "oh it's a salad, must be good for me" and what you get is a robust plate of greens drowned with cheese, bacon and dressing. SOUND FAMILIAR?

Check out the list on Yahoo Health! to learn how to avoid getting ripped off.