The A B C's of Me

Jumping on the bandwagon here and taking part in the A-Z's of me blogger post. Hope you enjoy learning just a bit more about me - aside from all the fitness stuff.

a. age: 28
b. bed: I wish I was in it right now.
c. chore that you hate: cleaning the bathroom
d. dogs: I don't have one. Had a chihuahua as a child and now I have a cat that plays fetch. I'm not allowed dogs in my building but I have a long list of the dogs I will have when I live in a huge house.
e. essential start to your day: snooze button.
f. favorite color: purple. It's so awesome - all shades.
g. gold or silver: gold.
h. height: Five feet Three inches.
i. instruments you play: None. I played the drums a long long long time ago but I can't remember a thing and I didn't go very far with it. I play mean air bongos though.
j. job title: Marketing and Accounts Manager.
k. kids: none yet. Would like one or two but for now I have my nieces.
l. live: Westchestah! DASS IT.
m. mother's name: Mercedes
n. nicknames: Melly Lo, Melly Lo Ho, DJ Melly Mel, Pez, Pezzy, PezzyPezzles
o. overnight hospital stays: never.
p. pet peeves: when people drop coins on my floor and don't pick it up. I hate coins on the floor.
q. quote from a movie: "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
r. right or left handed: righty.
s. siblings: two big bros and one big sis.
t. time you wake up: I don't have a set time - as long as its before 8:15am. Somedays 5am and somedays 7:59am.
u. underwear: This is way too private. Should I give you my social security number as well?
v. vegetable you hate: radicchio. It's a leafy vegetable found in Italian cooking that is typically too bitter for me.
w. what makes you run late: Everything. I can easily get distracted.
x. xrays you've had: chest, teeth, knee
y. yummy food that you make: i make an awesome lasagna and butternut squash soup
z. zoo animal: I love elephants and giraffes and I saw both really up close on a REAL safari in Tanzania once. The baby elephant had me in tears. It was just so wonderful to be so close to a wild animal.
That's me! PezzyPezzles.