Starving at Work

I am starving today. I forgot to bring my lunch and I didn't bring any snacks with me to eat throughout the day. It's so unfair when you are given time-sensitive work at noon or conference calls to attend when its LUNCH TIME. My plan was to run back home and pick up my packed lunch but it's too late now. ARGH! My stomach is now eating itself. I figured that I'm not the only one with this dilemma, so I came up with a list to help avoid this MAD HUNGER in the future.

  1. Drink plenty of water. I always find that I drink most water if I bring some type of water bottle with me. Of course, plastic water bottles should be avoided.
  2. Cut up fruits and pack them on Sunday (or the night before). I never forget things when they are already packed up and ready for me to grab and go.
  3. Snacks! Yogurt, nuts, cheese, crackers, etc. Always pack things you can pick on to avoid the possible "never ending conference call" hunger. Snacks make me so happy.
  4. Cook a lot of food on the weekend and pack it up for yourself. This way you avoid spending money once you're starving. Once you get to that point of uncontrollable hunger, YOU WILL EAT SOMETHING THAT'S BAD FOR YOU.
  5. Avoid drinking coffee to reduce your hunger. It works but c'mon folks, YOU NEED TO EAT.
  6. Make a "salad" that you could store at work and eat throughout the week. Think raw veggies that store well: broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives are good choices.
  7. Don't put dressing on your salad in the morning in case you don't end up eating it until 3pm. It'll be soggy and it will push you towards the vending machine.
  8. Ration your chocolate or chips. Whatever evil is in the bottom drawer of your desk should be rationed in zip-lock bags before they are stored.
  9. Cold cuts aren't the BEST lunch but its better than running to McDonald's. Either bring the coldcuts in or pack them up for a quick bite. Turkey and cheese rollups anyone?
  10. Don't try bringing anything "new" for your at-work lunch. Believe me, you will avoid the meal and run straight to the "bad food" the moment you are starving.
I'm lucky enough to work in a small office and have access to the fridge without worry that someone will eat my food but I've worked at enough offices to know that the fridge culprits are typically really hungry and looking for cake, cookies, chocolate, or frozen dinners. The healthier your food looks, the easier it will be to repel those pests from your food.