Obesity, the New Norm ?

Thanks to Google+ and this article, I jumped head first into a conversation about our society and where our health will be as a nation if we continue consuming junk food. I've considered writing a post about this for awhile. I witnessed something at 7-eleven a couple of days ago that really bothered me. I live in Westchester County, in a middle-class, working class neighborhood. We have a Starbucks, 24 hour Dunkin Donuts, 7-eleven, Subways, Chinese food store, liquor store and deli on our corner. We are right next to the train that goes to the city and the coffee spots are a reflection of a community of commuters. You can find ALL of these establishments busy ALL day due to the coming and going of our society.

At about 7pm on a weekday, prior to driving to White Plains for Z8 Fitness practice, (We have an amazing Party in Pink coming up - PLUG TOTALLY INTENDED), I ran into 7-eleven for a cup of coffee. I saw something that really bugged me. There was a family getting DINNER at 7-eleven. They were all overweight, including the children. I was at the counter as the daughter was choosing her dinner. Her meal consisted of:

  • A pizza slice
  • Buffalo wings
  • Some fried bread looking thing
  • A soda

The meals averaged out to $10 a person. The only thought that came through my head was how thought and preparation could have avoided the whole thing. Clearly, they weren't looking for CHEAP food based on money because $10 a person can get you a healthy meal elsewhere. They might have been concerned with time - but why not walk down to Subway and get sandwiches for less if that was the case? 

So what is it then?

Shari Fitness quoted in her article, a piece of Carole Carson's article on the subject in the Huffington Post,  Weight Loss: The Fat Gap, Generation Gap And Appetite Gap:

“Lest you think I am judging these individuals for their lack of self-awareness, I hasten to add that when, at five feet one inch, I tipped the scales at 183 pounds, I did not see myself as obese. Even though I was 60 pounds overweight, I saw myself as slightly pudgy. Besides, I didn’t think I looked any worse than the people around me. I was trapped in the fat gap and was in the 90th percentile for risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. If I hadn’t lost weight and got fit, I would likely have become disabled or died.”

Is lack of awareness the issue? Perhaps most people know they are overweight but when they compare themselves to everyone else around them, they think "I'm not that bad." Or have we become a society that doesn't care until it's too late? Is proper thought and consideration before consuming something just too much too worry about?

The solution is simple but it's work.

It takes work in learning what is good and what isn't good for your body. It takes time and practice to figure out what exercises work for you. More time spent on these activities and less time spent on the sofa or consuming without thought, will save you lots of money and lots of time at the doctor's office.

I'm sure I will have more to add soon but what are your thoughts on the subject, Shari's article or Carole's article?