Apple Picking Fun

Today's weather was perfect for outdoor activities with the family. Myself, my boyfriend, my sister, and my two beautiful nieces decided to kick dirt and pick some apples. We had a great time and what a workout it is to carry a three year old, a one year old, a bag of apples and an apple picker around.

I taught Zumba in the morning, so we decided to leave in the late afternoon and headed over to Outhouse Orchards - a family owned farm in North Salem, NY. It's pretty much the first farm up north in Westchester so it tends to get very crowded but we didn't mind. They have an orchard for apple picking along with hayrides, a pumpkin patch, corn maze, food and baked goods. Since it's early October, McIntosh and Cortland apples are in season. We decided to go up the McIntosh trail. We paid $25 for a large bag to fill with juicy apples, deposited $1 for an apple picker and headed up the hill. Apple pickers are totally worth that dollar. They let you pick the apples up high on the trees which are always huge and super tasty.

We split the bag of apples amongst my home and my sisters. She's going to share some of hers with her sister in law because there are just that many in a bag. Although, I'm not really a pie eater, I think I'll be searching the web tonight to find an apple pie recipe. I also picked a small pumpkin for some pumpkin soup or perhaps pumpkin muffins. Ooooh that could turn out to be a great breakfast - pumpkin muffins with fresh apple juice. YUM!

Hope to share some recipes with you soon.