Under Armour's Cute ColdGear

Have you seen Under Armour's athletic collection for this Fall/Winter? I wish I could afford all the ColdGear (trademarked by Under Armour) sold online because the colors and designs are super cute. They have come so far since the day's of creating clothing for underneath athlete's uniforms. Fall is here and Winter is fast approaching and stepping outdoors for a walk, hike, or run is the perfect remedy to cabin fever. I don't know about you but purchasing the right outfit for the "sport" always motivates me. I might not be great at it but at least I look cute. ;-)  Check out some of the apparel I found irresistible:

Underamour cold gear

I am looking forward to purchasing a few of these pieces myself and trying them as the weather drops. Here's a review that's pretty helpful. I'll post my own once I make the purchase.