Heavy - TV Series

Have you watched the TV series Heavy? I found it on Netflix and immediately was hooked. It's an A&E series that aired earlier this year. Each episode chronicles the weight loss efforts of two severely obese people within a six-month period. The first season was based on participants living in Texas. I highly recommend this series to EVERYONE. It was an eye opener and you are bound to learn something new every time you watch. The trainers on the show are great and the dietitian and therapist are also very knowledgeable. I've watched three episodes and my absolute favorite person so far is this guy by the name of Rickywayne.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvBuzyM-3aA]

35 years old and 555 pounds, Rickywayne walked in to his first training session with a lot of work ahead of him. Having been a heavy person all his life, he had the advantage that his body was actually able to hold him up. Unlike others on the show, he didn't struggle with walking or swimming - although he couldn't sleep more than two hours a night and was suffering from depression. He was a sedentary guy all his life with emotional issues and a food addiction. His transformation within the six month period was awesome. At the end of the episode, he had lost 128 pounds.

One of the reason's why I connected with Rickywayne was his perseverance. One of the trainers called it "TIGER EYES." The look on his face during every workout was that of a warrior. He knew he had to battle himself if he wanted to be healthy and he was ready for it despite all of the roadblocks. I decided to watch episode 12 which was a followup with Rickywayne and he managed to lose 190 pounds in 10 months - the last four months being all on his own. He's also inspiring people in his community to get fit by hosting a bootcamp at a local high school.

Lesson learned:

You are never too heavy, too sick, too distressed to start moving. Your body is extremely forgiving but every day you don't move and every day you decide to eat junk, is another blow to your body and your health. The pain of a workout, the soreness, and WORK is worth it. Get up and move. If you need any motivation, watch the show. You can catch it on Netflix or online on A&E's website.