Juicing on every street corner in America?

According to the NY POST:  hahaha Laughable right? I am quoting the NY POST, but who knows? They always seem to know which celebrity is cheating on who and who was arrested for drunk driving. Perhaps they are correct about this.

This article says that Starbucks will be going from "Java to Juice" in the near future. Apparently, baristas are learning to press juice and soon enough Starbucks' coffee houses all over the country will be half coffee/half juice.

I'm wondering what markets they will target first? Perhaps California and New York? New York City has a Starbucks on every street. They can easily do market comparisons and cost comparisons in New York but I know California thinks juicing and healthy living is trendy.

I'd give it a try but I'd be totally opposed to them adding any extra stuff to my juice. I don't want extra sweeteners or caffeine in my fruit juice. Wait, and what about the cost?

What are your thoughts?