A fundraising weekend

I think I am done with fundraising for 2011. This weekend wiped me out. Party in Pink for Susan G. Komen with Z8 Fitness followed by an early morning Making Strides for Breast Cancer warm up routine with the Zumba Instructors for Pink kept me busy all weekend long.

I pretty much slept all of Sunday afternoon from 1pm to 7pm and woke up to a pile of laundry and a house smelling of food. I did the laundry and the BF cooked. He's been watching Heavy with me on Netflix and although he is a healthy weight, he finds himself preferring the "bad foods" over healthy foods - especially when he is really hungry. It is "easier" to grab a pizza than to cook something at home. The show has helped him realize the various reasons why a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is actually "easier" in the long run:

  1. Reduced medical bills.
  2. Avoidance of diseases directly related to food consumption.
  3. Saving money.

I hope to get back into a routine of running, kickboxing, zumba and home-cooking this week. Time to make some pumpkin soup!