The Rain vs. The Run

I was pumped to get back into running this morning - even woke up at 6am to start my day but the rain had other plans. Do any of you run in the rain? in the snow? in the cold, cold, winter months? I started thinking about this and realized that many people brave the elements for the sake of running. As I began browsing the internet, I found my hypothesis to be true and collected a number of tips from various sites to help ME and YOU get out there in the rain:

  • Don't overdress. If it's raining, more layers of clothing won't really help. You just have MORE clothing to get wet and more of a chance of overheating.
  • What you wear closest to your body is most important. Wear some type of technical fabric, like the ColdGear I was talking about last week.
  • Wear a hat made of technical fabric with a brim to it. This way you can see regardless how much its raining.
  • Wear bright colors to help motorists see you.
  • Use Vaseline or BodyGlide to prevent chaffing on your vulnerable areas. Some people also suggest diaper rash ointment.
  • Make sure you keep your phones, Ipods or MP3 players in a dry place. Nike sells running pants with a pocket in the back. Some people also suggest wrapping your electronics in plastic.
  • Just run! Apparently, once you're all wet, it won't matter anymore.
  • Pay attention to wear you are going. Rain can hide pot holes, cracks in the sidewalk and the slippery fall leaves that are all over the place this time of year.

One thing I didn't see addressed though, was how to actually motivate yourself to go out when its wet, chilly, and dark. That is just NOT a motivation for me. Runners, speak up!

And lastly, because I love him, here is Jose Renee Martinez doing the SAMBA! [youtube]