Who is beauty in the eye of anyway?

I couldn't wait to write this post. I went to the nail salon to paint my nails red in preparation for my pin-up photo shoot. I had the worst experience due to an overly opinionated nail salon lady named Kim. This is my second time at Salon Jade located walking distance to me in Bronxville, NY. My first experience was quite pleasant so I figured I'd give it another go. Anyway, as I was getting a manicure, I noticed that the lady doing my nails was STARING at my arms. She then decides to make the motions and noises of WAXING my arms, she looks at me and smiles. I look at her with complete disgust and tell her, "I am not interested." At this point, I had already paid for the manicure and was half-way done so I couldn't just get up and leave but I was pissed and decided that taking it to the world-wide web was a better option.

I am Puerto Rican. "My people" have many beautiful features - dark eyes, dark hair, curvaceous bodies - BUT we are also typically HAIRY. I have comes to terms with that but seriously, KIM did not have to remind me about it and she definitely did not have to make the suggestion that I needed a wax.

Perhaps I am overreacting but this really did strike a chord with me. When I was in the sixth grade, I had a "friend" tell me that I had really hairy arms and that I should shave them like she did. I thought about it and went for it and can I tell you how awkward that was! First off, I thought it looked gross - like my kitten's shaved abdomen due to her spay - and it was even more hideous as it began growing back. I guess I could have continued removing it but as I thought of the constant upkeep for the sake of "beauty," it pissed me off and I refused. I opted towards long sleeve shirts. Btw, the hair grew back longer and fiercer than ever. (lol).

Besides, I don't see a problem with it anymore and I really don't need some woman voicing her opinions to me and trying to make me feel vulnerable. I saw it like this - she shouted me out so that I could feel bad and in turn spend more money with her. When I said no, she decided to tell me my nails were too short and that I should do some acrylic treatment to make them look longer and more feminine.  REALLY!

I am a woman, I am feminine in my own way and I am beautiful. I don't need to spend more money at a nail salon to enhance my beauty. And I don't need someone pointing out my "flaws" for the sake of their wallet.

I can continue ranting like this but I won't. Instead, I'd like to ask YOU beautiful women out there if you'd ever had a similar experience and how you dealt with it. I think I was far too quiet and should have given her a piece of my mind but at the same time, I'm not one to cause a scene.

While you think about this topic and type up a response, check out my pretty kitty recuperating from her operation. The vet removed her lady parts. :-(