My experience with Shameless Photography

Alright, here it goes . . . . my experience with Shameless Photo! After receiving so many messages from fabulous chicas curious about my photo shoot, I finally have the time to divulge the information. (Get ready for an unusually lengthy post.)

I've been stalking Shameless Photo's Facebook page for close to a year now. My sister took amazing pin-up shots last year as a birthday gift. She went to a studio somewhere in New Jersey and I wasn't interested in traveling that far alone for pictures. I started searching the internet and found I was excited to learn that she was located in NYC!  Or so I thought....

After sending an email through the website, liking the FB page, and commenting on EVERYSINGLEPHOTO I learned that Sophie Spinelle, the mastermind behind the beautiful photography I was in love with, LIVED IN SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!!! noooooooooooooooooooooo.

She did, however, add me to her NYC email subscription list and on October 3rd, 2011 she announced her tour in New York. I emailed her immediately and landed a spot on a tour that sold out in 15 minutes.

I . . . .felt . . .  so . . . lucky.

This was something I always wanted to do. I love pin-up, I loved her images, and I loved how beautiful the models look. I truly do believe that women need professional photos taken of them at various stages in their lives, as a keepsake of the time - the period. Why only take pictures when you're born, when you're in school (horrible picture day shoots) and when you you're married?

Doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway, immediately after landing a spot on the tour, Sophie gets to work. She sends you a survey asking for ideas on what photos you want to channel, what side of you are you interested in portraying, etc.

Below are some of the photos, all taken by Sophie, that I wanted to recreate:

How gorgeous are these pictures? I wanted to show my strength and have a few glamour shots.  Sophie and I agreed on a few ideas, props, etc. and I waited patiently for October 22nd.

I don't want to discuss the props we agreed upon or even the color scheme because I want you all to be surprised. I was surprised!

Moving on . . . once you arrive to her studio, Sophie is all business. You start picking out your outfit, discussing hair, makeup, etc. Her assistant did my makeup as Sophie did my hair. I felt like royalty. Typically, people are asking me for things or telling me what to do, it was nice to have two people totally in tune to what I wanted. They were both really sweet and the outcome of my TWO HOUR MAKEOVER was stunning. I could barely recognize myself in the mirror. (who knew I needed THAT much work, jk)


I will tell you one thing about my outfit, I wore a corset. A very tight corset and OUCH! I can't believe women wore those daily. I felt like my insides were being mushed together. After I squeezed myself in the corset and the rest of the outfit, we went over classic pin-up moves. It's so funny how everything looks so effortless in pictures but is actually difficult - both physically and aesthetically - to get together.

Hold this, do this, stop here, back straight, chin down, pursed lips, hair, camera, lights, action. EXHAUSTION! 

It really was fun though and I can't say enough nice things about Sophie Spinelle. She feels like a best friend after the three hours you spend with her. She is so precise, so deliberate and so attentive to detail that it doesn't matter that you don't see your images until ten days after the shoot.

I walked out of there knowing I could trust her. So TRUST ME . . . my images are going to look HOT! I can't wait to show them off and sprinkle them around this blog for everyone to see my pin-up side.

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