Everyday is a New Day

When it comes to exercise and healthy living, small victories are important to celebrate. This morning, a friend of mine said, "I know this may sound silly to you but I finally woke up for a 6am class at my gym. It's been months." She continued to say that she thought I would not find her accomplishment exciting because I work out often and I am diligent about my own personal routines.

That is not the case. I was thrilled.  Everyday we wake up healthy and happy is an opportunity to give thanks. I celebrate all my small victories.

We all fall off the wagon and we all have those days where you "just can't do it." I have them. Yesterday, after work, I just couldn't get myself to go out for a run. I really wanted to but by the time I got home, I somehow talked myself into believing that it would be really dark and that it was a better idea to stay home with my sick boyfriend and healing kitty. I also ate horribly yesterday BUT those things happen and that behavior doesn't have to happen today. It won't happen today.

Melly's word of advice:

"If you allow yesterday's slip ups affect today's promising achievements, you'll never make progress. Don't be so hard on yourself. Focus on the positives and celebrate every step towards progress."

Keep up the good work.