it's the little things - first post

I love blog parties and I happened to stumble upon this one which really spoke to me. Weekly, I will revisit "the little things" that remind me of how truly blessed I am. Let's get this party started! . . . running three miles after two weeks without a run. It felt great to hit the pavement early this week. I had so much going on with all of my other activities and it pushed running out of the agenda. Every time I go for a run, I feel alive and blessed with health.

. . . red nail polish. It has made me smile all week. Despite, my experience at the nail salon, these nails are rockin'

. . . beautiful scarf given to me by my boyfriend's mom from her trip to Ecuador.

. . . finding my blog post on Epsom Salt in Your Fitness Routine on the Epsom Salt Council website. I had noticed several readers referred to me from their website, and when I checked it out. I was front page news.  See:

. . . my silly kitty.

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