- handmade recycled handbags

I pretty much stumble upon all types of stuff on the internet. I'm the Google Master. Today, I found They sell eco-friendly bags, recycled purses, and hand-made bags. I know this trend has been around for a while but I love the color of their clutches and their bags actually look functional and versatile.

Check out some of my favorite looks:

Made from recycled pull tabs, this bag can be used as a clutch or your go-to bag in a large purse. I think it adds some character to my regular black purses. $42.00.

Made from upcycled Lay's potato chip bags. This clutch has more of a summer feel to it. Ecoist claims it can hold your smart phone, credit cards, makeup and keys. I believe it. $29.50.

Comes in gold and silver and has a very sexy look to it. Take it with you to the farmer's market or beach and shine. $35.00.

This is actually a clutch you can wear out ANYWHERE. I love the color, I love the style, and I love that it's made out of Snickers wrappers but doesn't necessarily say Snickers everywhere. I can't walk around with a bag that is a walking billboard for a candy company. $39.50.

That's all for now folks!