On That Salsa High

I've been waiting to write this post since the moment I executed the turn pattern correctly and found myself on a salsa high. Dancing is awesome and dancing socially with a partner is even better. I had such a great time at Cache Dance Studios yesterday. Dancing around and hanging out with some familiar faces, good friends, and some new people was great. I was so excited by the end of class that I walked out without a jacket and didn't notice I was out in the cold until I arrived at my house.

The boyfriend and I decided to take the Advance Beginner Class, followed by the Intermediate class. There were at least 30 people in each class and I was so happy to see that there were more men than women in the class. That's a first in a dance class.  The studio is located on 1331 Blondell Avenue in the Bronx. It's off the Hutchinson River Pkwy and the 6 train station at Westchester Square. It's in a quiet industrial area so I'd suggest any woman taking the train, to come with a friend (just in case . . . I am a worrier .  . . I learned this from my mother).

The first class was perfect to get my feet moving as it's a slower pace. I burned about 150 calories by the end of that hour. I did notice that some people were much more winded than I was. Dance is a great introduction to exercise and I can see how some people found it more difficult than I did. The second class, however, was MUCH faster and the pauses and breakdowns were less frequent. This meant we got more dancing in, more spins, more turn patterns and even a sexy shine routine in between. I burned 243 calories in that hour for a total of:

Overall, it was a great class. The studio is pretty spacious and class is $10. Don't expect to stare at yourself in the mirror though because they don't have those up yet but I can see them going up in the near future. I'd say "see ya in class" but I don't know when I'll return again. Perhaps in December once my Tuesday Zumba commitment is done. I can't continue missing my kickboxing ritual on Monday nights. Kickboxing makes me feel strong while salsa makes me feel sexy. For Monday nights, strong wins BUT I'll see you on Tuesdays in December!

Now I am ready for the after party for wedding of the century!