A Reflection on Friendships

This weekend I spent some quality time with two fantabulous women. On Friday, I went out for an unsuccessful stroll in the park (it was too cold for us) and a very successful Mexican lunch with one girlfriend and then Saturday, I visited another girlfriend at her home.

What's so special about these two relationships is that it feels like we have been friends forever. The three of us used to carpool almost daily into the city for some type of salsa event. We partied a lot together. Dancing, drinking, laughing, staying up late, going to work, and then repeating it all over again. I recall taking naps at lunch so that I could run to the gym after work, shower, and then get dressed to go out. It was like clockwork and a not-so-vicious cycle. Those days, I didn't mind the 9 to 5 because it was always topped off with a great night of dancing. We worked to dance or at least that's what it felt like. This weekend, it was SOOOO different yet comforting, peaceful, and still just as fun.

Spending time with them, helped me reflect on how much I've grown and how awesome it is to have friends growing with me. We are finding ourselves and getting to know the women within us while maintaining strong bonds with each other. I even met my friend's newborn baby. At one point, we sat there in awe of how WE could be sitting across from each other with a tiny little baby in between us. It was awesome.

I've been blessed with beautiful friendships. Even more so, I have been blessed with friendships that continue blossoming. As I grow and continue to find a balance, peace of mind, and a healthier perspective, I can look around and see that my friends are doing the same. It's a beautiful thing.