Workout on the Cheap. The Christmas Edition.

I feel like it's been forever since I last wrote. In reality, it's only been four days. I've begun indulging in reading again and this weekend was the perfect time to lose myself in The Hunger Games trilogy. I'm halfway done with book two. As the title states, I'm not here to recap my Holiday weekend but I will anyway (briefly). It went a little like this: Sleep 'til late. Lie around. Watch documentaries. Cook. Play with cat. Watch movies. Hang with boyfriend. Eat. Read. Repeat. This weekend, I worked out just one day ONLY and I am thankful for that because my ankle feels cured of whatever strain I was dealing with. Hopefully this week, when I visit the doctor, I will find out what could be wrong. One step closer to being pain-free, right?

Enough about that. I'm here to talk fitness on the cheap and Christmas.

The holiday eating giving season is here and many of you have begun thinking about your resolutions. How many of you are adding some form of the resolution, "workout more" to your list? For most people, it's on the top three of their resolution list but have you ever consider adding it to your Christmas list?

Perhaps you can't afford a gym membership or you haven't found a willing philanthropist ready to fork over the money for a year's worth at a top of the line health club . . . but who cares when you have elves? Below are some ideas of items to add to your Christmas list that will help cross off one item in your New Year's Resolution list:

  1. Resistance Bands. sells a basic system of resistance bands for $29.95. Once you get them, sign up for an account online and follow their free online workout schedule.
  2. Groupon Giftcards. Ask your family and friends to gift you Groupon gift cards. Use them for monthly fitness deals. You can find some sweet deals for monthly yoga, zumba, kickboxing, pilates, and dances classes. If you plan it carefully, you can have months worth of quality workouts without spending any money.
  3. Netflix. Even with all the negative press, I love Netflix. Did you know that they have workout dvds for you to stream as well? I think it's even a great Christmas gift to yourself.  You'll find yoga, pilates, ab workouts, and 10-minute trainer dvd's ready to stream 24/7.
  4. Video Games. Don't discount the power of video games. If you (or your child) already have a Playstation, Xbox, or Wii, then you have an at-home gym ready to be used. There are plenty of video games that can offer you a great workout at a low price. Add them to your wish list. A fan favorite is the Jillian Michael's "game" for the Wii.
  5. Slim in 6. I've seen a couple of women successfully use the Debbie Siebers' Slim in 6 at-home DVD system to much success. It's $60 and a great way to give that resolution some staying power.
  6. Motivation. Ask Santa to provide you encourage and motivation to get through your fitness journey. Perhaps even ask that plump and jolly old man to join you in your workouts? A buddy is free and together you can research workouts to do at home with no weights and keep each other accountable.
I really do hope this list helps. As many of you know, I haven't had a gym membership in over two years and I've managed to stay active and burn calories regardless. There are things you can do that are inexpensive but you have to get creative. I've used all of the above suggestions at some point and endorse them wholeheartedly. Good luck getting your elves to stay on track with your Christmas list. Oh, and stay away from adding things to your lists that will keep you further way from your weight loss goals.
P.S. I'll be adding a goal setting "how-to" post soon!