And today, we interrupt our regularly scheduled program . . .

I'm a creature of habit. I have a schedule that I stick to weekly and I like it. Work. Exercise. Relax.

Every day is planned and it's perfect for me. Yesterday, my friend sent me a gchat message that said, "I was mopping to salsa music today and it makes me want to dance." My first thought was, "cool, let's PLAN an outing."

Her response was, "I found FREE tickets to Club Cache in the CITY. Let's go TONIGHT."

Thursday is my off day from any exercise and my PLAN is typically to cook, read, watch Netflix, and hang with the boyfriend NOT go out at night and dance way past my bedtime. But something about the offer did intrigue me. I mulled it over and thought, "what harm can ONE NIGHT out of my regularly scheduled programming do?"

SO WE DID IT. Like giddy little school girls who are never let out to play we jumped in her car, took the West Side Highway and went salsa dancing like "the good ole days." It felt so foreign because the last time we did something like this was at least three years ago but it was so exhilarating!

The city was cold, smelly, but BEAUTIFUL in its Christmas charm and the dancers were there. Like always. Addicted salsa dancers ready to ask you to dance. Well, not totally ready. For the most part, at Club Cache, men won't ask you to dance until AFTER they have seen you dance. So women have to ask a man to dance so that the other guys can go "oh she's alright" and then they are waiting in line to have a dance with you. They are always gracious and put out their hands to ask for a dance and they always say "thank you." Only some are cocky enough to pull your arm as if you had been waiting forever to dance with them. For those guys, I purposely give them the smug look REGARDLESS how good they are.

I like etiquette. It's part of what attracted me to the salsa scene. Hope that doesn't go out the window entirely.

Back to the topic. Deviating from your schedule: It's so foreign to me because I really do live by the calendar. It's what keeps me in check and while I allow myself some wiggle room, I feel like I plan that as well. It felt great to be spontaneous and I'm going to stay away from planning the next "spontaneous outing" but when the opportunity arises. I think I won't be so hesitant to jump on it and neither should you!

Happy Friday Folks.