All types of lazy

It happens to the best of us but I have a good excuse. I swear. It was my birthday week!

I took the opportunity to do NOTHING in terms of workouts and rested my old and tired body. Actually, I was pretty busy this weekend. I made a big mistake and made NO plans for my birthday. All of my fabulous friends planned separate activities for me to do which involved LOTS of eating and drinking and sitting, so . . .  there went the workouts. If you are  trying to be fit and healthy, don't follow my lead. I'm a poor excuse for a health and fitness blogger I KNOW!

I started my birthday week EARLY! Tuesday night.

All types of evil goodness. I do not regret it. One bit.

Thursday, my bestie from high school and college, took me out for dinner, wine, cake and a movie.

Another late night of laughs. The wonderful ladies at Good to Go even sang Happy Birthday to ME! The wine got to my head quickly and it was all a giggle fest after that.

I barely woke up for work on Friday. It was my sister's birthday so I went over to visit her during the day when the girls weren't home and at night, I rested.

Saturday, I attempted to work out. I swear (Again). I woke up early in the morning for my 9am kickboxing class and my instructor never made it to class. I think HE was hung over. I did, however, run up and down the stairs and did my "50/50/50" sit ups, squats, and push ups. That was it for the weekend.

Saturday was SO special. The bf took me to the Planetarium, my very first French Restaurant, Rockefeller Center, and the Campbell Apartment at Grand Central Terminal. The Campbell Apartment is a very cool prohibition bar located outside of the entrance where the Cipriani and Michael Jordan's Steak House bars are.  I drank the Flapper's Delight and some Grand Marnier to honor the era. I also found the whisper gallery at GCT.

Oh and it's not even OVER. On Sunday, my college bestie took me out for a mani - pedi date and brunch at the Harlem Tavern.

I feel so loved and thankful that I was able to spend time with some of the people I love who love me back. This Thursday, I have one more birthday blowout before I retire the birthday cake. A few friends have reached out to me because they want to celebrate but I don't think I have the time with the holidays and all. Next year, I will plan an event where everyone can sing me Happy Birthday, dance, sing, and eat. I'm turning 30 after all! I'd love to host something where I can thank all my awesome friends and family for their presence in my life. Think I will start a Pinterest Board on that and start planning.

Back to the workout tomorrow. It's time to Bring It Again.